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Autism Live

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Jan 20, 2023

In this brand new episode of Stories from the Spectrum, we have a story from Vincent Blass, an interview with autism advocate Kerry Magro, a musical performance and a talk about inclusion! Make sure you tune in and check it out!

0:00 Intro

00:31 Eyes as Spotlights by Vincent Blass Vincent Blass has a very important story to share with everyone!

07:47 Stories from the Spectrum: Gyasi with Kerry Magro & Gyasi Burks-Abbott Professional Speaker and Author Kerry Magro sits down to host an interview with writer, public speaker and autism self-advocate, Gyasi-Abbott!

16:29 If you’re the One I Really Want -Performed by Spencer Griffin & Sparrow Dena Two performers collaborate with each other to perform song for your listening pleasure!

20:32 The Importance of Inclusion with Alex Lin Autism Advocate and The founder of the Autism Rocks Concert, Alex Lin, has a very important message to share about inclusion.

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