Autism Live

Special Guests:

Dr. Linda Copeland (Sleep Study)

Alex Plank



Ask Dr. Doreen

Let's Talk Autism

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Special Guests:

Alex Plank-

David Humphrey- Kirkman Labs/ P2i



Jargon of the Day

Autism in the Classroom

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Jargon of the Day (Pauline Hanson Edition)

Autism in the Classroom with Teacher/Specialist Venee Harthsorne

Legal Support with Bonnie Yates


Special Guest:

Dina Kimmel

We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym Founder

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Ask Dr. Doreen

Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson


Special Guests:


Kirt Manecke

Author- Smile for Success-Teens!


Vince Redmond, MFT

CARD Family Services

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