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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

May 27, 2021

The Founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders answers viewer questions about cognition, ADOS, insurance and much more!  Check it out!

14:22 What skills programs concentrate on cognition without being considered academic

21:36 here is a question, with all the scary events that are going on right now, how can people on the spectrum handle them and not get scared?

31:01 My child is diagnosed with ASD but the insurance denied abs after provided ADOS.

34:46 We are getting Neurological development evaluation what does something like this entail?

35:50 Hi! Have you had any experience with kiddos taking Namenda? His bio med doctor wants to put my son in Namenda to help with symptoms, especially hyperactivity. My son laughs excessively... it’s an escape behavior. He also laughs excessively when he’s nervous. I know it’s not yeast, we’ve tested him for yeast. It’s exhausting.

38:52 How do I make sure a school district removes a special needs teacher and aides and replaces them with someone who is educated and doesn't abuse our kids? Also, how do I present the NEED for cameras in our districts special needs classrooms?? ...I have 100 hours of audio...HORRIFIED by the first 5 minutes😵😖

39:50 Where do we find out about that therapy Shannon I use cbd oil it helps me alot I don't do rx meds. My insurance denied aba or anything for autism I was told speech therapy would be then they didn't pay it

44:13 They cannot help me with my child licking his hand.

46:14 Please state your credentials and provide links to the scholarly studies you speak of

49:53 Hello from St. Paul mn , my question is how safe it’s to take COVID vaccination when my son has challenges already, he’s severe autistic please I’m worried Need help,