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Today on Autism Live, Shannon goes over her jargon of the day, Question of the day and topic of the week. She also interviews an Autism Expert Julie Mominee and then our special in-studio guest Ben Avchen.

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Tune in as Dr. Doreen answers viewer questions live on air! afterwards Shannon and Nancy interview 4 awesome guest! including former pro-wrestler Mark Hildreth, Autism advocates Daniel Share-Strom and Maxine Share, and also CARD researcher Nicholas Marks.

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Today on Autism Live, Shannon goes over some jargon and then gives us some Mindful Thursday advice. Then Bonnie Yates answers questions about IEPs before our Special guest from Restoration Chiropractic, Dr. Andrea Mills tells us about her mission.

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On Today's episode of Autism Live, we play an oldie but a goody with a pre-recorded episode of Ask Dr. Doreen that covers these 3 questions:


"Since there is no cure for Autism, how can there be recovery from Autism?"


"Do you have any videos or knowledge in regards to young adults and romance/sexual attraction with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome?"


"What do you think of Vaxxed and Robert DeNiro on the Today Show?"

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Shannon Discusses 3-term contingency in her Jargon of the day before interviewing Marina Bulkin for our Ask an Autism Expert segment. Then Bonnie Yates joins us to discuss IEP goals and more.

Shannon Also Interviews CEO of Weplay, Elton Chiu and Discovery Toys, Senior Product Manager Jim Garber about features of some of their latest toys.


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Today's episode begins with Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy. Shannon and Nancy cover a few popular autism related topics that are in the news before they interview Nicole Chavanne followed by Christine Reeve.

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On Today's Episode of Autism Live Shannon goes over her jargon of the day before interviewing CARD Regioinal Manager Michelle LaBruzzi.

Shannon also interviews Linda Tsai and Anita A. Lesko after Your Rights with Bonnie Yates.

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On Today's Episode of Autism Live, Shannon is in the Studio with Dr. Doreen for Ask Dr Doreen, followed by Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy. Our Special Guests for today's show are Sarah Best from NEADS world Class Service Dogs and Laura Scanlon from Fun and Function.

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On today's Episode of Autism Live, Shannon gets things started with Ask Dr. Doreen, and then interviews Vince Redmond, MFT, from CARD Family Services for Let's Talk Autism.

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Jargon of the Day

Emily and Thomas Iland

Alex Plank

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