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At the recent Future Horizons Autism Super Conference in Dallas, Texas, former Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman talked with Autism Live about having an Autism diagnosis and dealing with  sensory issues in a world that doesn't always understand Autism.

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At the recent Future Horizon's Autism Super Conference, Cara Koscinski talked with Autism Live about her new book. Cara gives great tips on sensory processing issues and how we can help students make progress on handwriting and sound related concerns.  For more information visit:

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Dr. Jed Baker sits down with Autism Live at the recent Future Horizon's Autism Super Conference in Dallas, Texas to talk about meltdowns, crisis management, anxiety and aggression. Dr. Baker's book Overcoming Anxiety in Children and Teens, is available now at

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Milo chats with Shannon Penrod from Autism Live while at the Future Horizons Autism Superconference in Dallas, Texas.  Milo shows Shannon the full range of emotions that he can express when working with children on the Autism Spectrum.  For more information on Milo visit:

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Dr. Temple Grandin answered viewer questions at the recent Future Horizons Autism Super Conference in Dallas, Texas.  She spoke candidly about her feelings on hearing that Oliver Sacks had died and what her relationship with the world renowned author meant to her.  Dr. Grandin also talks about role models, perseverations, sensory issues, environmental enrichment, handling death and more.

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