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Autism Live

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Aug 4, 2022

This episode of Let's Talk Autism with Shannon & Nancy features two beautifully painted pictures by Nancy's son Wyatt. After that Shannon and Nancy cover autism news with the in the news segment before being joined by parent advocate Jim Hamilton to discuss the battle he had with his insurer so that other parents can get access to the same care for their children! Don’t miss it!


4:00 Wyart


7:11 In the News:


7:40 Autism News: My nonspeaking autistic brother learned to communicate. Then a new world opened


11:43 Autism News: Severity of Child Autistic Symptoms and Parenting Stress in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Japan and USA: Cross-Cultural Differences


18:13 Autism News: Your Eyes Could Reveal if You Have ADHD or Autism


20:21 Autism News: Mental health service availability for autistic youth in New York City: An examination of the developmental disability and mental health service systems


23:55 Jim Hamilton Interview

Parent Advocate Jim Hamilton discusses why it was important to get ABA treatment for his son in an integrated classroom, what the struggle was to get this done,  what the obstacles were and how he navigated them and what some important takeaways for parents listening are.


1:01:35 Coming Up


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