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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

Oct 23, 2023

In this episode, Shannon shares the top ten things she learned at the recent TACA Conference. 

Sep 7, 2023

Director of the film “O’Kelley Legends: 2e Behind the Scenes”, Harri James O'Kelley and Robin A. Williams (AKA Fairy Queen Flutterby), the host of a new podcast called Brilliance on the Spectrum, join Shannon as special guest on this episode of Autism Live after our host Shannon covers FAPE for the jargon of the day!

Aug 23, 2023

Join us as our host Shannon Penrod discusses cognitive distortions for the jargon of the day! After that, Shannon is joined by the co-founder of the Ed Asner Family Center, Matt Asner! Together they both discuss the details of an upcoming concert that the Ed Asner Family Center is putting on and...

Aug 22, 2023

Ask Dr. Doreen's latest episode features Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh and Shannon Penrod talking about autism and sleep. Dr. Doreen responds to viewer questions, providing clear guidance on managing sleep difficulties. For weekly episodes on autism topics, don't forget to subscribe. #AutismSleepHelp...

Aug 16, 2023

Join Autism Live as we demystify the term "ABC Data" in our Jargon of the Day segment, shedding light on this crucial strategy to understand and address challenging behaviors in autism. Stay tuned as special guest Ling Shao, the founder and CEO of Spectrum AI delve deeper into practical applications and insights. Don't...