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Autism Live

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Dec 4, 2021

On this week's episode of Let's Talk Autism, our hosts Shannon and Nancy discuss autism news from the CDC about Autism Prevalence, an article from Fox news about a girl with autism committing suicide and another article from about Paddy and Christine McGuinness before reviewing toys that won the sensory toy award in the Autism Live Toy and Gift Guide!


4:30 Autism News - Paddy and Christine McGuinness reveal they 'hardly let anyone in the house' before children's autism diagnosis


7:46 Autism News - Autism Prevalence Higher in CDC’s ADDM Network


21:34 What makes it more challenging for parents is that the child has difficulty communicating due to brain processing difficulties and limited language development that contributes to behavior issues.


 24:40 Autism News - Utah girl with autism commits suicide, sparking outrage online over bullying, racism


28:16 A Conversation about Bullying


35:50 Autism Live Sensory Toy Guide Winner Toy Review


40:02 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog® Fidget Friend by Learning Resources


41:53 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Pop Oh Ver Play Food by PopOhVer


45:12 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Fidget Toy Pack by Special Supplies


47:17 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Inflatable Lounger by Mockins


49:25 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Globby by Schylling


51:28 Award Winning Sensory Toy Review: Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager by Zyllion


52:51 A conversation about Vocal Stereotypy

"Some kids with autism, when asked a question they repeat instead of answering"


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