Autism Live

This time on Let's Talk Autism, Shannon and Nancy Discuss autism news about autism assessments, genetic heart defects, gut microbiomes and more! After that, Shannon and Nancy talk to Eva Lund from Special Spirit Inc! Don't miss it!


6:11 Autism News - Despite flurry of findings, doubts dog gut microbes’ role in autism

10:40 Autism News - Genetic study of heart defects and autism finds new causative genes

13:19 Autism News - With massive donation, Israel autism center aims to ‘impact policy worldwide’

19:57 Autism News - Rethinking autism assessments in the time of COVID-19: Q&A with Bishop, Zwaigenbaum

27:30 Eva Lund - Special Spirit Inc.

57:42 About the new Autism Live Intro

1:00:37 Next Week on Autism Live

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