Autism Live

This time on Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod covers Imaginative Play for the jargon of the day. After that, Shannon reviews a toy that will be featured on the Autism Live Toy Guide! Nerlie Babies from Distroller Toys! Tune in and check it out!




9:40 Jargon of the Day - Imaginative Play


11:56 Imaginative Play - Actual Definition


12:20 Imaginative Play - Working Definition


25:25  Question of the Day - What toy would you like for this Holiday season?


35:44 Topic of the Week - Being Thankful


41:38 Autism Live Toy Guide and Sensory Toy Review of the BABY NERLIE TAKEITEASY from Distroller USA


57:30 Some of the toys that will be featured on the Autism Live Gift & Toy Guide

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