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Autism parents often become accustomed to dealing with challenging, and can even become resigned to the idea that there is nothing they can do to change it.  The truth is with proper intervention these behaviors can be changed! Lisette Duarte, from Autism Speaks, talks about their upcoming workshop: Interventions for Challenging Behaviors of Autism which is co-hosted by Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.  The workshop features presenters Sue Trautman, Dr. Susan Schmidt-Lacker  and Dr. Esther Hess.  It is a free event.  RSVP to  


The workshop will present a review from various developmental perspectives, including medicine, mental health, occupational therapy and speech and language support, the various disciplines that need to come together to help support the systemic concerns that are emblematic to autism spectrum disorder. By attending this workshop, the participant will have a greater understanding both of the specific challenges that can plague the child with ASD and how the various disciplines mentioned work individually and as a team to support the child and create both a stronger neurophysiological system with the potential for improved communication and social reciprocity.


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