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Autism Live, Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

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Today on Autism Live it is CAN (Coverage for Autism Now) DAY! Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answers viewer questions about  chromosomal duplications,  whether 40 hours of ABA includes time at school and  what to do if potty training seems to be taking a long time.  During Let's Talk Autism with Shannon & Nancy the ladies welcome Bonnie Schlachte the founder of Ballet For All Kids to talk about how this unique program is revolutionizing dance for individuals with special needs.  The Schlachte Method works on a variety of different skills, using child specific teaching methods.  To find out about classes in New York and Los Angeles or to become certified in the Schtachte Method, visit Shannon and Nancy also cover relevant news stories and the CAN campaign to encourage Coverage for Autism Now!
Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout, the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at

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