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Today on Autism Live: Kim Spencer from Thinking Moms’ Revolution shares a moving tribute for Melanie Baldwin the “Booty Kicking” Thinking Mom who recently lost her battle with breast cancer.  Melanie’s son Luke is on the spectrum and will sorely feel the loss of his awesome Autism Mom.  Viewers are encouraged to make donations of any size to a special fund for Luke by visiting:  Julie Kornack gives a breakdown in the changes in coverage for military families using Tricare insurance to treat Autism.  Shannon speaks with photo journalist Carrie Cochran who recently covered a story for the Cincinnati Enquirer detailing an ex-fashion photographer who has devoted his talents to photographing individuals with special needs.  View Carrie’s documentary on the subject here:  In the news includes a new study showing that an ingredient found in broccoli sprouts may help some on the spectrum.


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