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On Today’s Show: First time filmmaker, Jonathan Carlander talks about his short film, The Pleasing List, about a young man on the Autism Spectrum who is trying to do everything right to make other’s happy and how he ultimately learns that all he needs to do is be himself.  Jonathan, who is a “proud Aspie”, gives an inspirational thanks to his parents for their ongoing support of him and his passion for filmmaking.  For more information on The Pleasing List visit:  Shannon also talks with Dr. Amanda Kelly, aka “Behavior Babe” about a new and exciting partnership between the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA) and the Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT).  This partnership will make it possible for parents of children with Autism in Hawaii to get training in ABA techniques to help their children.  For more information on HABA visit for more information on trainings from IBT visit:  Dr. Kelly also shares news of her new app – Behavior Babe.  For more information visit

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