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Today on Autism Live: On the Spectrum with Matt Asner – a special re-airing, featuring Jonas Rivera, producer of the Disney/Pixar summer hit Inside Out!  And Navah Paskowitz from The Friendship Circle talks about their upcoming conference Friendship Circle by the Sea.  This is a family retreat happening on August 16 and 17th!  For more information visit  Sara Gershfeld from Love My Provider, gives tips on Things to Ask Your Provider on Love My Provider TV. Dr. Jed Baker talks about his new book, Overcoming Anxiety in Children and Teens from Future Horizons. Dr. Baker talks about the many types of anxiety that could affect children and teens as well as what is known to be effective in reducing anxiety.



Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, and with offices throughout, the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at

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