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Today on Autism Live: The first toy of the hour is a See.Touch.Learn., a great app from Brian Parade that is uniquely customizable to teach individuals with Autism.  Dr. Adel Najdowski talks about the power of technology to teach and facilitate progress while working with an individual with Autism.  Jim McClafferty, the CEO and founder of Brain Parade long with Stephanie O’Brien talk at the app See.Touch.Learn and how it can be used in classrooms and by individual parents to efficiently and effectively teach children with ASD.  Dr. Jonathan Tarbox answers viewer questions about replacing socially inappropriate behaviors, working with individuals who are older and don’t yet have functional communication skills, what to do about tics and vocalizations and how to know what at school offers for special ed services.


Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout, the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at

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