Autism Live

In this episode of Autism Live, we are joined by American award-winning writer, journalist, author and speaker, Christina Adams after Shannon discusses Hyposensitivity for the autism jargon of the day!

0:00 Intro

8:15 Jargon of the Day - Hyposensitivity

9:10 Hyposensitivity - Actual Definition

9:30 Hyposensitivity - Working Definition

17:00 Question of the Day - What do you have difficulty paying attention to?

19:21 Topic of the Week - Sensory Disregulation

20:53 Award-Winning Author and the Author of Camel Crazy, Christina Adams joins us!

34:43 Christina Adams on social media: Facebook: christinaadamswriter

Twitter: @christinathink

Instagram: @christina_adams_author

1:00:54 Tomorrow on Autism Live

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