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Autism Live

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Jun 3, 2021

Evelyn Kung, the Clinical Systems Manager for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, joins us once again to discuss viewer questions. Check it out!


11:34 Reducing and Refraining Spitting: 3 year old non verbal son loves when you sing for him. He loves YouTube kids Cocomelon. He not given much screen time. When he does he spits on the iPad screen a lot. When you take it away from him and turn the show on TV he does the same thing. He does not always want chewy stixx or chewy necklace. He receives regular ABA, OT and speech services. Wondering if there other intervention procedures we could try to help him reduce or refrain from spitting?

17:48 Undesirable Tasks: Hello ladies.. how do I work on building the skill 'Sometimes I have to do things I don't want to do.' My 13 year old has it in his brain that except from school he doesn't need to do anything he doesn't like. For example, make his lunch, go outside and get fresh air, spend time with his family... We have let him have his way a few times and now he thinks that's how it always should be. He is very content sitting on the couch with his iPad. He is home schooled and doesn't have friends. He says no to almost every suggestion and we end up forcing him out of the house sometimes and he will say he had fun. We live in a beautiful state with lots to do!

29:51 Hand-Flapping: Hi. My son hand flaps only when he’s overly excited. What do I do for that?

32:39 Meltdowns: I have custody of my 11, almost 12, year old grandson. I'm having trouble helping him calm down when he's approaching meltdown. I see it coming and I start using my soft directive tone reminding him to breath and giving simple directions but he absolutely fights me and tells me he can't calm down. I sometimes walk away and give him space and time, or offer hugs but nothing is working. I try to catch it early but I'm failing. Any suggestions?

38:40 Meltdowns with Nonverbal Children: (In response to the answer to the previous question) What if child is nonverbal???

48:37 FREE IBT Courses Available Online: Parents: E-learning Parent Communication and Socialization + RBT 2.0 Training course free to parents on a case by case basis Educators: The Social Environment

51:55 Finger Sucking: How do it get my child to not suck his fingers ??. He is 8 years old and this is a health concern. He sucks fingers for comfort . He does not like chewy . He is nonverbal.

57:10 Schedule Fixation: My son get fixated on schedules. Even if he is doing what he likes outside home. If he has to be home at a certain time he wants to go home. How do I make him change his mind?