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8:43 My Kid Won’t Stay Sleep in his Bed

I am a single parent who has a child stuck in my bed.  I try keeping him in his bed, but the only way I can do that is if lay down with him.  He goes to sleep, but so do I.  If I get up and sneak out he will follow me into my bed and I am just too tired to fight at that point.  He is 8.  I don’t think it is healthy for either of us anymore and the truth is I never get good sleep. Help.


19:02 The Moon Effects my Child’s Sleep

the moon effects my son so much with sleep. why is this?


22:06 How did Your Son Learn How to Script in his Head?


26:55 Potty Training Refusing to Use the Potty

My son is almost 5, speaking well & is fully potty trained #1, but refuses to go #2 in the potty. We have tried everything: toy incentives, discussing it w/ him, different seats/set ups, taking breaks.

He can wait days so we can't just wait him out. He sits on the potty with iPad for a long time w/o going. What else can we try? We think he has "irrational" anxieties that r hard to put in words.


28:20 Hi Shannon and Dr Granpeesheh. I am a parent of an autistic 5-year-old boy. I have joined many Facebook groups for parents of autistic kids, mainly for support and just to know I'm not going through this alone. There is one topic that seems to come up from time to time on these groups, and that is the term 'Einstein syndrome '. Many parents seem to think their kids fall into this category possibly because the prognosis is more favorable than that of autism. I would like to find out if 'Einstein syndrome ' is a recognized diagnosis and more importantly if Dr Granpeesheh believes it's a real condition.


39:14 All Ghouls Gala Invitation


43:33 Shapiro Legal Group Tylenol PSA


46:29 Bathroom Problems

When he goes he hides in another room or a corner. He's very sneaky. He goes in his undies or diaper (at night).


52:17 what about pull up at night? my son has diabetes insipidus that makes him pee a lot. and even with a good night he will wet through sometimes.


54:50 My older son is six, verbally delayed, and autistic. He is constantly attacking us and destroying my home. He responds to nothing. The only peace I have is when he sleeps. I’m terrified for the life of my eleven-month-old child. I’m scared of my own son and I don’t know what to do. I’ve had to lock me and my baby in my room just to keep him safe. Please help me, I don’t know what to do.


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