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Autism expert Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh joins Shannon for a special episode of Ask Dr. Doreen. Ask Dr. Doreen is a weekly live segment where viewers can ask questions of one of Autism's leading experts. In this episode Dr. Doreen answers the following questions:


00:12 – If I am currently a stay at home mom, would it be better to have therapy at home or center based? 


13:20 – How do I deal with tantrums and whining when asked to do simple tasks? 


19:40 – What type of behaviors do you suggest to replace hand-flapping? 


25:16 - Do I need an appointment to access the Skills log book lessons? 


26:42 – How do I help with hair-pulling?! 


30:27 - How do I help my child with a fear of water? 


34:05 – How do I help my son dress himself?


38:58 – Why does my nonverbal daughter love music so much? 


40:12 – What can I say to the school district to request further services? 


Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at

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