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This time on Ask Dr. Doreen, the founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders answered the following questions:

6:02 - I finally was able to get the ABA provider and speech pathologist together on a session for my child, she is 2 ½ non-verbal, 40 hrs of ABA. We are starting on PECS. When is time for her to say the words independently, I can see her frustration, I can see she tries, but its so hard to see her crying when she can’t say the words. (example for Bi, she says Di) (up she says Upa) Shannon I know that you gave as an example when kids are learning how to walk, and they keep falling, you can’t stop trying right?. It’s just so hard to see. I just don’t know what to ask for both teams, how will the collaboration will look like? And what can I do to help my tiny human? I like when you said that ABA has this buckles with all of the tools. I want to think my ABA provider will have them. In the Session the 2 providers exchange goals, and that is it. nada more., nada for me, and nada for my tiny human ☹ She can echoic, at least 8 sounds. She can stay on a table for at least 10 - 15 minutes. She can mand at least 4 things with PECS. She has being on a Gluten and Casein Diet and no MSG since she was 1 ½. I heard of Apraxia before, but is she too little to know if she has this condition? Shannon you think Dr. Granpeesheh can give me some guidance, and what do you think?

00:17:48 – Teaching Non-Verbal Kids to Talk

00:20:41 – PECS

00:23:36 – My child is 5 with receptive communication and has Apraxia, currently he has ABA 30 hrs a week, speech therapy and OT. He communicates with signs gestures and a speech and is motivated to make sounds, should I stay the course with ABA? 00:26:29 – What should I do about a client that can’t tolerate crying peers. In the past the BCBA did not FCT ask for headphones or go away but his behavior hasn’t decreased. I am intervening

00:31:14 - Is there a process to assess my son to see if he is ready for general education?

00:40:39 – How long could a single case agreement take? Can she start her son with CARD at age 3?

00:47:29 – CARD, insurance Providers, and Insurance Networks 00:49:02 – How can we replace hand flapping behavior for more appropriate behavior?

00:52:44 – Free Skills Lesson Segment

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