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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

May 12, 2022

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about behavior challenges, resources for adults on the autism spectrum, ABA and more! Tune in and check it out!

4:45 I'm looking for some help I'm a single mom raising a four-year-old on the Spectrum

5:30 Good morning, I need help finding living accommodations for my 28-year-old son

6:24 Hi there!! My son is 4 and he can comment and answer questions. But still can’t ask questions. He engages with adults. But doesn’t accept kids at all. He blacks out the kids doesn’t respond to them.

I tried pairing his cousins but didn’t work. I tried all the ways to bring peer play. Now I’m thinking of stopping the ABA and try bio medical to facilitate peer play/engagement

15:34 I'm looking for some help I'm a single mom raising a four-year-old on the Spectrum. I feel as if i am suffocating I don’t have a big family, no support, I need to find peace. for example, I have anger issues and I'm afraid of disciplining Colton because I don't want to get to upset. I also am a recovering Alex I have PTSD so I have a severe panic disorder already please help me with what I can do or where I can reach out so that I don't have this ball of anxiety going on around me all the time because it sponges off onto my son. My biggest question is about CBD T and tinctures.

23:38 I am Zara from London with two children on spectrum. My son is two and he squeezes things and my hands

27:17 I’m asking as I fought for my son to get an IEE and services missed. I got an advocate as well as attorney and we were offered 2 years at a private school designed for kids on the spectrum.

33:19 Hi Dr. Doreen, our 9 yr old son who is not affected my autism very much, but he still needs assistance. He was discharged from ABA, Speech, and OT, but as a SkillsGlobal user, he still needs help. Can we hire an RBT and do Telehealth with a Card provider? We’re in Pennsylvania, and the closest CARD center is over an hour away in NJ.

36:40 My son with med/high-function ASD has a wealth of words & comprehension .. bottle it is often bottled up -- until something he is fixated on fills his thoughts. .. Hence, when he achieves things & reads or creates with crafts- WE BECOME VERY CONGRATULATORY & high with praise . Mistake #1 - our response can be TOO dramatic & 'not normal' - BOOM, TOO MUCH STIMULATION & A IMMEDIATE MELTDOWN, ANGER . and suddenly everything shuts down for 40min - and is started to become angry, shrieking, and "starting" to become aggressive-physical

PROBLEM #1 - remain silent & neutral, somewhat punitive WITHOUT projecting no-care & 'Mom-Dad' are not a safe place now. .. HARD-HARD because our 'almost 5yr' can unravel on a dime.

43:03 Good morning, I need help finding living accommodations for my 28-year-old son (California)

45:28 Hello ladies. My son tends to throw toys when he gets angry.when i place a demand or say no to something hes getting mad and throwing. Im trying different ways to stop it. As its increasing.