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Mar 31, 2022

In this segment of Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, our guest discuss autism news about delays in autism diagnosis' since the pandemic, a new favorite American idol contestant, brain development and more. After that we are joined by author, parent scientist and award-winning inventor in Canada’s energy sector Alex Filstein! Check it out!

4:55 Wyart Autism

8:22 Autism News: 'Heartbreaking' delays in autism diagnosis and treatment got even worse during pandemic

12:29 Autism News: INTERVIEW: Metro Atlanta man Sam Finelli on autism spectrum brings ‘American Idol’ judges to tears

15:58 Autism News: This brain structure may grow too fast in babies who develop autism

19:07 Autism News: Lisa Croen: Autism’s first dedicated epidemiologist

22:30 World Autism Awareness Day

25:20 Alex Filstein award-winning inventor in Canada’s energy sector

26:48 About the Autism Diagnosis

29:44 about the book

33:24 The role of fathers in autism families

38:37 What advice would you give parents who’s children just received an autism diagnosis

43:25 What are the challenges that lead you to realize that you could be on the autism spectrum
46:32 How are your boys doing now?
48:43 Where can we find the book?

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