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Autism Live

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Aug 11, 2021

Join us for this episode of Ask Evelyn Kung! Write in and ask the Clinical Director for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders YOUR autism question!

8:35 What is Evelyn Kung's Advice on Masks?

here is a quickie, hopefully this isn’t a silly question. with the us department of education's recent ruling on masks. what is Dr. Kung's advice on this


19:16 Dealing with Mask Related Obstacles

My daughter did the whole year in the hospitals and never got over the mask issue. It caused her both sensory and panic attacks, so just added one more obstacle to her already stressful day. But nobody said they couldn't wear them. It's a CHOICE!


26:58 Teenagers & Tantrums

My son is 14 and has autism. He has an attitude to everything and still throws fists. What should I do? Like he is 2 or 3.


47:03 Refusing Schedule and Regulation

My daughter has many visuals and schedules and aids, but she continues to “refuse” to use them. If they are working for her, she seems to get bothered that it is working and that her “code” has been cracked. So, she will have a behavior that could have been avoided if she had stuck to the schedule, but she seems to be “looking” for reasons to be miserable. And can’t stand to function without the misery. So, being organized and regulated seems to make her dis-regulated, if that makes sense? I just don’t know what to do about it. We have tried ABA, CBT, and DBT. She is 15 and this problem has existed from the start. She did 2 residential settings. She does so well in the “structured” the rules are the rules, and no outside stressors are added that she always “graduates” in 30 days. She can tell you the rules she does awful at the Point of Performance. She unwinds too quick, and her negative self-talk takes over too quick in the real world. It's very hard to watch and work through.