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Jan 17, 2023

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is discussing How can we tell if our child is having health issues that are impeding their progress and answering viewer questions! Tune in and check it out!

Recorded Live on January 17, 2023 Ask Dr. Doreen is live every Tuesday @ 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET!

6:20 How can we tell if our child is having health issues that are impeding their progress?

17:20 Will hummin stop if language develops?

I have a question concerning a child who does have a diagnosis and is non verbal, has a few words can say ABC's. but hums alot. Will humming stop if language is developed?

22:35 Omega-3's

My son is 11 years old and his language is getting so much better. I recommend a high quality omega-3's

24:01 Risperdal

Could you discuss the use of Risperdal as a treatment for a 4 year old, minimally verbal boy who has great trouble focusing.

29:10 What does it mean when a child starts to say random words?

Hi Dr Doreen, my son has started saying real words randomly since December and he still does it every day and with a new word or repeat what he said previously. It is not functional but what does this mean?

32:37 Does brain function ever get better for our kids?

34:53 My son doesn’t hum but he does make some noises. NOW, I am finally able to ask him and he gives me answer as to what he is doing. Like he’ll say “Im thinking about jump scares on Five Nights at Freddy”. That is some video game be is really into. He plays it one hour a day but I’m just happy he’s able to tell me why he’s doing the “noises” and “hand flapping” now. He didn’t used to be able to tell me the why.

37:56 Does tongue tie impede his speech as growing? It was not a problem in my son's earlier age. Could you give any tips recovering from the tongue tie surgery?

40:27 What about Stem Cells Therapies?

42:11 Noah is still non verbal now 13 years old How to I encourage Noah to go outside the house.

49:18 Using the Toilet

how do I get my 4year old do number 2 in the toilet. he is good at standing to pee. but won't do #2 , he goes to get me a pull up so he can go in it. He doesn't have a problem sitting on the toilet, he just won't go. 

51:51 Encouraging Parents after lack of progress

Any ideas on how to convince my grandchild's parents? They are discouraged at his lack of progress and are afraid they will miss the window for teaching him necessary skills and language.

55:08 Potty Training (Standing up vs Sitting Down

Do you have opinions on teaching boys to stand up to pee vs sitting down. ABA originally taught my son to sit down. So that’s what he does, but times change and I had another BCBA tell me I need to teach him standing up. She made some valid points so now I’m wondering do I need to go that route now? He’s 14.

55:47 Any suggestions on how to stop head banging? It’s decreased 70% in the last 3 years but we haven’t been able to extinguish it completely.

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