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Apr 26, 2022

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about 

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5:13 BIG announcement

6:30 how can I get my six yr old to understand not to bite, i have him in aba he is biting people

14:17 he was asked to pick up toys would you say that in home would work

20:04 what are some great vacation hacks for people on the spectrum. I’m going on vacation tomorrow in fact and I am nervous. also, this might help other people on the spectrum and their loved ones.

24:25 My son is 5 and has autism and mixed receptive expressive language disorder. How do I get him to be conversational? He is in Aba therapy 35 hours a week.

25:41 My 6-year-old mands, & can I identify items, count, say her birthday etc but doesn't talk in sentences & is not conversational. We are starting aba full time this summer. What can I do @ home to help

38:29 I’m going to a family reunion in Alabama and meeting over 100 new people Dr. Doreen. I’m nervous on when things go wrong, I don’t want to embarrass myself or my stepdad. the routine part I’m ok with but I know that other people will have that problem. thanks for the advice in advance

43:01 How can I help my son who's turning 18 yrs old in 2 months as his advocate and caretaker? I just learned about guardianship recently. Am I too late?

45:41 if my 12-year-old has graduated from ABA, but is still aggressive, what can I do? Frustrations, avoiding tasks 56:43 Hi Dr! If I purchase Skills Developing. Would that help give me an overview of skills I need to teach my toddler so I can give in home ABA?

55:27 If I purchase skills developing, would that give me an overview of skills that I need to teach my toddler so that I can do ABA at home?

56:07 I'm still on the madness train trying to work out SS application and no one can help because he's currently having benefits through my retirement that ends in June. Why isn't there someone for guidance just for this process?

59:28 This week on Autism Live

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