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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

Jun 16, 2022

It's time for the debut of the first episode of Lets Talk Movies with Moira & Shannon! Autism Live host Shannon Penrod is joined by Manager, at The Autism Community in Action (TACA), Moira Giammatteo to talk about movies! Tune in and watch as our hosts give us their reviews and opinions about contemporary movies and TV...

Jun 16, 2022

It's time for Ask Dr. Doreen! Tune in as Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answers viewer questions about how she feels about medication, auditory processing issues and much more! Don't miss it!

8:52 Finding the Right Diet Our little girl was diagnosed in...