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In this episode of Autism Live, we are joined by Author, Autism Advocate, International Speaker and songwriter Thomas A. McKean joins Shannon to discuss autism, advocacy, Autism Awareness and more after Shannon discuss Visual Supports for the jargon of the day. Tune in and check it out!

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0:34 URGENT MISSING PERSON Please help; please share — Sage Gertzweig is 25 years old. / 6 foot tall/black hair/black stubble / light blue button down collar shirt / dark blue shorts black sandals / His right hand index finger is in a splint. Sage was last seen in Los Angeles at Western an Exposition at 2 AM two nights ago. He is trying to find his way back to North Hollywood. Sage is considered developmentally disabled and is experiencing a regression crisis. Please if you have anybody in the greater Los Angeles area or if you know any groups please re-post. / The police phone number in charge of this is Officer Lawrence and Officer Ferrari 310-482-6334. Incident report to 2297.

10:20 Jargon of the day

12:10 Autism Jargon of the Day: Visual supports

12:40 Actual definition: Visual Supports

14:01 Working definition: Visual Supports

17:20 Comments form Viewers about Visual Supports

17:35 Viewer Question: "Getting things done faster" is that an automatic response for autistic people?

22:50 Question of the day: How do visual supports help you? 23:03 Topic of the week

27:07 Author & Autism Advocate Thomas A. McKean

30:04 Thomas McKean’s favorite Dr. Temple Grandin story

33:08 Did way you do things change as a result of Dr. Temple Grandin Saying Something to you?

36:25 The Horrors at the Judge Rottenburg Center

38:35 Autism Awareness Month

43:11 Has anybody found a way to have their teen evaluated for driving ability?

48:33 Do you drive?

50:17 is it okay to not have a license?

54:01 Speaking for others in the Autism community

1:10:38 How do you feel about the word "Neurodiversity?" 1:11:43 How do you feel about the word "Self-Advocate?" 1:14:15 Thomas A. Mckean's Books and where to find them. Thomas A. McKean Books:

1:16:14 Thomas A. McKean Websites:

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