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Autism Live

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Jul 29, 2022

Stories from the Spectrum Episode 4


This is all content by and for the neurodiverse community.


Stories from the Spectrum is produced by the Autism Network.  Artists who identify as being Autistic, On the Spectrum or a being neurodiverse are invited to create works for future airing. Artist choose their own subject matter and the way to present it. Chosen artists are compensated for their work through a grant from Autism Works Today!  The goal is to foster artists in the neurodiverse community while giving them a safe space to promote their valuable work.


To find out more or to submit artist work please contact Shannon Penrod:


In Episode 4:


0:00 intro


0:33 Chris Tenney is back!  In Chris’ short film ARTISTIC AUTISTIC Chris shares his work as a professional actor and a stand-up comedian.  For more information about Chris visit his social media:


8:18 Spectrum Laboratory students share some of their music videos:

Lucas Salusky and Domonique Brown rap “What’s Your Truth”  a video they made while in quarantine and

11:49 Abby Romeo of LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM fame shares a song she wrote in 2016 to describe her feelings about autism.

For information about taking classes at Spectrum Laboratory please visit


15:59 Lastly Alex Lin, well known for being the creator of Autism Rocks shares a heartfelt message about acceptance.


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