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Autism Live

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Dec 8, 2021

*Special Episode*

Joins us for this special episode featuring the founder of TACA, Lisa Ackerman as she and our host discuss the Autism Prevalence Numbers that have recently been released in the CDC report a few days ago. Tune in and join the discussion with Lisa and our host Shannon Penrod.

2:28 What did the new report say?


4:00 What are the key findings?


4:38 Autism Prevalence Graph


6:37 This is complicated: what data is collected, for what time periods and how is it shared?


9:56 Annual Impact of Rising Prevalence in the Societal Cost


11:22 The press continue to report that the increase “better awareness” and “wider availability of services”  - what does the data demonstrate?


15:55 In world with resources, what should the data include in the future?


18:15 What can parents and community do?


23:54 Shannon shares a touching Christmas story


31:00 Shannon drops big news about a book release June of 2022


31:30 A conversation about referring to individuals on the autism spectrum how they would like to be referred to


35:07 Words of wisdom for Adults with autism that do not want to try


42:52 About the TACA Autism Journey Guide


47:55 About the TACA Mentors


49:27 Information about Next year's Online TACA Conference


52:12 How is your son doing?


55:50 A conversation with the viewers


58:57 Lisa Ackerman's Closing Statements


1:00:02 This week on Autism Live