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In this episode, our host Shannon Penrod explains Socio-Dramatic Play for the jargon of the day before reviewing award winning toys from the boredom buster and social skill builder categories of the 2021 Autism Live Toy and Gift Guide! Don't miss it! Link below!


8:07 Jargon of the Day - Socio-Dramatic Play


9:46 Socio-Dramatic Play - Actual Definition


10:29 Socio-Dramatic Play - Working Definition


19:37 Question of the Day - What are you excited about right now?


21:45 Topic of the Week - Making an Educationally Rich Environment


27:19 Is ABC mouse good for kids on the spectrum?


28:14 The 2021 Festival of Toys continues! Social Skills Builder and Boredom Buster winners!


29:25 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - Baby/Toddler: Cry-Activated Soother from Skip Hop


30:45 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - Pre-School: Little People® Sit with Me School Bus from Fisher-Price


31:42 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - School-Aged: Rainbows & Storms from Griddly Games


32:57 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - Tween/Teen: Beat That! from Gutter Games


35:34 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - Adult: Visa® Gift Card


36:04 Best Social Skills Builder Winner - Caregiver: DoorDash® Gift Card


36:43 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Baby/Toddler: Dimpl Duo from Fat Brain Toys


39:18 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Pre-School: Motor Works Train from Discovery Toys®


41:49 Boredom Buster Award Winner - School-Aged: Craft-tastic® Surprise Balls Kit from Ann Williams


43:52 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Tween/Teen: Drop Mix Gaming System from Hasbro


44:50 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Adult: 12 Note Thumb Piano from Schoenhut®


45:53 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Caregiver: Ukulele Beginner Kit from Donner®


47:34 Toy Review: Pick A Fruit - Discovery Toys


50:25 Toy Review: We All Belong & Mix A Bear two-Sided Puzzle - Discovery Toys


53:02 Toy Review: Squeezy Fun Blocks - Discovery Toys


54:43 Toy Review: Stick & Play Tree - Discovery Toys


55:47 Color the Ocean Book from Mud Puppy


56:57 This week on Autism Live

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