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Autism Live

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Oct 21, 2021

In this one our host Shannon covers DRO for the jargon of the day before discussing the question of the day. Then, Shannon is joined by special education attorney Bonnie Yates to discuss Independent studies, IEP and more! Check it out!


11:55 Jargon of the day - DRO

13:48 DRO - Actual Definition

14:28 DRO - Working Definition

20:50 Question of the Day - What helps to distract you from unpleasant things?

25:03 Topic of the Week - When it feels like you can't go on...

33:16 Your Rights with Special Education Attorney Bonnie Yates

35:25 Information about Independent Study

40:50 IEP Team Request Sample Letter

42:27 Is it the school’s responsibility to figure out the IEP?

45:17 If you are asking for independent learning for your child. You shouldn’t be the teacher correct? Home-Hospital Teachers and At Home Independent Learning Options.

47:55 We were told that if you choose to have your child be at school, you can’t change your mind and take your child out of school and if you keep your child out of school, you can’t change your mind and place them in school later. Is that true?

50:46 AB104 - Retention, Grade Changes & High School Graduation

55:22 If a parent's child is behind in school as a result of distance learning, should the school provide accommodations to catch that student up?

56:25 How to request a grade change

59:09 More Information about AB104