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Autism Live

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Dec 17, 2021

Prompting Autism Jargon Explained + Empowering Employment and Speech Building Toy Reviews

Shannon explains Prompting for the autism jargon of the day before reviewing toys from the 2021 Autism Live Gift and Toy Guide that won the Top Toy, Best Speech Building award, Empowering Employment and Best STEM Toy Award!


9:05 Jargon of the Day - Prompting


9:42 Prompting Actual Definition


21:21 Question of the Day - What was the last board game you played?


23:40 Topic of the Week - Making an educationally rich environment


26:28 Toy Review Intro


28:08 Top Toy Winner Review - Tween/Teen: Shashibo® by Fun in Motion Toys


32:42 Top Toy Winner Review - School-Aged: Ultra Dash by Playmonster®


34:36 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - Baby/Toddler: Speak & Learn Puppy from Leap Frog®

35:24 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - Pre-School: My Little Zoo from Smart Felt Toys®

40:06 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - School-Aged: Gib Gab from Fat Brain Toys®  @Fat Brain Toys


42:18 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - Tween/Teen: Fabula Deck For Kids from Fabula


43:12 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - Adult: Chronicles of the Mind from Griddly Games


44:12 Best Speech Builder Winner Review - Caregiver: Talking Hamster from Ayeboovi® @ayeboovi


45:55 Employment Empowerment Award Review - Baby/Toddler: Peekaboo Learning Farm from Learning Resources®


46:50 Employment Empowerment Award Review - Pre-Schooler: PopOhVer Pretend Play Stove Set from Salus Brands®


48:45 Employment Empowerment Award Review - School-Aged: Exact Change from Discovery Toys®


49:21 Employment Empowerment Award Review - Tween/Teen: What Should I Do Now? from Childswork


49:53 Employment Empowerment Award Review - Adult: No WARies from S.T.O.R.M.


50:19 Employment Empowerment Award Review - Caregiver: Work From Home Self-Care Kit from Pinch Provisions$20&prds=eto:12936556107298878734_0;11293348954791753830_0&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPwI2Gg4zzAhXIneAKHdSYAS8Q9pwGCAU


51:00 Best STEM Toy Winner Review - Adult: Architect’s Drawing Kit from Fat Brain Toys®


52:33 Best STEM Toy Winner Review - School-Aged: Lux Blox Fidget Flexers


57:12 This week on Autism Live!