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In this episode, our host Shannon discusses Out of Pocket Maximum for the jargon of the day before being joined by representatives from Spectrum Laboratory, the group of individuals that our responsible for the Autism Live theme song being created by musicians on the autism spectrum! Check it out!


14:40 Jargon of the Day - Out of Pocket Maximum

15:54 Out of Pocket Maximum - Actual Definition

17:00 Out of Pocket Maximum - Working Definition

27:03 Question of the Day - When is your open enrollment?

30:50 Topic of the Week - Understanding Insurance

32:55 Garth Herberg, Sean McRae and Amos Stillwell from Spectrum Laboratory join us!

Spectrum Labs Email:

1:01:15 This week on Autism Live!


Sean Mcrae



Amos Stillwell

Garth Herberg

Spectrum Labs Email:


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