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Sep 22, 2022

On this month’s edition of Let’s Talk Movies Moira and Shannon kick it off with the great Taca Conference Giveaway!


Have you always wanted to attend a TACA Conference?  Here you chance there are a limited number of free tickets to October 2022’s conference


Visit  Click on the way you would like to attend either virtually or in person.  Use code: MOIRASHANNON2022 (HURRY, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!)


There are a limited number of tickets available in both categories.  Once that limit is reached the code will no longer work.  Sign up NOW!!!


Also remember these helpful TACA resources available now: Monthly Learning Series: September’s focus is Adult issues, October’s is PANDAS/PANS

Look for our TACA Checklists:


As for reviews, look at the long list of movies and television to be reviewed this month:


The Emmys

Love is Blind After the Altar,

Paper Girls

A League of Their Own


House of the Dragon

Look Both Ways

The Handmaid’s Tale

Mr. Malcom’s List

The Day Shift

Breaking News in Yuba County


The Patient

The Kings Affection

The Dig

Bad Sisters

Ted Lasso

The Terminal

Buster Keaton’s The General


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