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This time on Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, are hosts discuss recent autism news about ABA Autism Center employees, an autism indicator on Louisiana license plate, and the Rapper Fat Joe! Next, our hosts review oldie but goodie toys from the autism live gift and toy guide before we go to an interview with Shannon and Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Research Coordinator Leah Hirschfeld about the new autism prevalence numbers! Don't miss it!


2:09 2021 Sensitive Santa Event at the Ed Asner Family Center


5:15 Autism News: Former, current Bierman ABA Autism Center employees back allegations of Warren mother


10:57 Autism News: Autism Indicator now available on Louisiana driver’s licenses


13:59 Autism News: Rapper Fat Joe shares message of gratitude for son with autism


18:49 Autism Research with Leah Hirschfeld - Autism Prevalence Numbers and CDC findings


43:42 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - Baby/Toddler: K’s Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks Set from Melissa & Doug®


46:09 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - Pre-School: Picture Pets Play Set by Colorforms®


47:20 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - School-Aged: Super Moon in My Room® from Uncle Milton Games


49:06 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - Tween/Teen: Bop It!® from Hasbro®


49:59 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - Adult: Clue® Retro Edition 1986 from Hasbro®


50:48 Best Oldie but Goody Winner Review - Caregiver: Shutterfly® E Card


53:39 Live Viewer comments and questions


57:15 What to expect for Let's Talk Autism in the future


57:34 Next week on Autism Live

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