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May 9, 2022

Let's Talk Autism with Shannon & Nancy returns again this week with more autism news and guests! This week, Shannon and Nancy cover stories in the news about autism in the womb, studies using terms like "tainted kids" and companies that are seeking workers on the autism spectrum. After that, our hosts are joined by Eva Lund, the executive director of Special Spirit Ranch, before talking with Dr. Wendela Whitcomb Marsh about the difficulties of diagnosing women with autism and much more! Don't miss it!

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Special Spirit Ranch Website

Dr. Wendela Marsh Links

3:35 Wyart by Wyatt Jackson, Let's Talk Autism's Favorite Autistic Painter

7:51 ZPods Commercial

10:50 Autism News - Does Autism Begin in the Womb?

14:52 Autism News - ‘Tainted kids,’ other odd phrases cropping up in autism studies

17:26 Autism News - Top Companies Seek Workers With Autism

21:13 Eva Lund, the Executive Director of Special Spirit Ranch Joins us!

23:31 Ideal Campers for Special Spirit Ranch

24:48 Where can we find you online?

28:50 Recovery at the Ranch

31:29 Author Dr. Wendela whitcomb Marsh Joins us

34:10 Women with Autism and Masking

39:30 Tips for Adult women seeking Autism Diagnosis

49:25 Dr. Marsh's Future book ideas

53:07 When people come to you, are there people who think that they are autistic that end up not being autistic.

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