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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

Oct 29, 2021

Tune into the Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy Halloween special! Our hosts join us in costume and interact with the audience after covering autism news! Check it out!

1:25 Jake from Statefarm joins the stream!

3:55 Halloween Special Montage

15:45 How an understudied trait has skewed autism studies for decades | Spectrum | Autism Research News

23:50 Lawyer: Julian Assange suffers from autism and could commit suicide if sent to United States

27:47 Parent of student with autism files $50 million lawsuit against Volusia School Board

31:53 Autism Prevalence in Kids as High as 10% in Some New Jersey Communities

34:36 Shannon and Nancy Interview Each other

Nancy, When did you realize that Wyatt was different?

41:40 Do you sometimes beat yourself up for the time you wasted in the beginning?

43:33 Shannon, tell us about your autism journey

54:44 What is your best advice for parents of new diagnosed and for parents with Teenagers

1:01:24 Next week on Autism Live