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It's time again for Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy! Our hosts cover autism news about a sexual assault, a child that eloped and was unfortunately found dead, an article about theory of mind and an interesting opinion piece. After that, Shannon and Nancy interview CEO and founder of Voices Together, Yasmine White about her book, music and the brain and much more! Then, for the Autism Family Portrait segment of Let's Talk Autism, we have a returning guest and host of Hello World with Miyah, Miyah Sundermeyer! Make sure you like the video, subscribe, tune in and check it out!

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1:50 Wyart

4:50 Zpods

8:00 Autism News: Guardian ‘mortified’ after daughter with autism was allegedly lured from school, raped

11:25 Autism News: 4-year-old boy with autism found dead after vanishing in Georgia

16:03 Autism News: ‘Theory of mind’ in autism: A research field reborn 20:00 Autism News: I Do Not like Being a Special Needs Parent and That’s OK

26:45 CEO and founder of Voices Together, Yasmine White 28:00 Your book is called, “Autism and The Power of Music” What makes music powerful?

28:55 What do you mean in your book when you talk about the 50-50 approach?

32:02 What is the science behind music and the brain?

35:26 What important message can you share with parents? 36:51 Where can people get the book?

38:00 Host of Hello World with Miyah, Miyah Sundermeyer

39:01 Miyah's Podcast

40:23 What else do you cover on your podcast

41:55 Miyah's Dating Life

45:46 As an adult woman in the spotlight, what do you want people to know about Autism in this month of April?

46:40 Spreading Autism Awareness at the community level and not just the corporate level.

47:33 Miyah's Podcast Tour

49:04 What were some of the other highlights of your interviews with Dr. Temple Grandin?

1:00:30 Next week on Autism Live Pre-Order the book written by the host of Autism Live, Shannon Penrod!

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