Autism Live

This time on Let's Talk Autism, Shannon and Nancy Discuss autism news about autism research and more! After that, Shannon and Nancy talk to CARD Research Coordinator Leah Hirschfeld about research! Don't miss it!

7:40 Autism News - Synaptic overgrowth, hyperconnectivity may define autism subtype

11:12 TV presenter Melanie Sykes announces ‘life-affirming’ autism diagnosis

19:55 Signs of autism in adults - the 8 unique personality traits

18:53 Peppa Pig theme park in Central Florida will be autism-certified

22:27 A Conversation about Diet and Thanksgiving

26:05 Autism diagnosis at early age leads to better social development - study

29:20 Autism Research with Research Coordinator Leah Hirschfeld

31:23 CARD Research Coordinator, Leah Hirschfeld Discusses Employment and Unemployment in the Autism Community

53:08 Workplace Inclusion at Autism Speaks

55:20 An Idea for Employing Students on the Autism Spectrum

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