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It's time for Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy! Nancy gives us an update on our favorite painter, Wyatt Jackson, before our hosts get into some autism news. Afterwards our hosts are joined by veteran educator and author of the popular autism parenting blog Flappiness Is, Leigh Merryday Porch! You won't want to miss it!

3:22 Wyart by Autistic Painter, Wyatt Jackson

8:40 Zpods Commercial

11:45 Autism News: Subway announcements delivered by kids with autism

14:48 Autism News: Autistic teen found alive in shivering cold Utah parking lot 3 years after vanishing from California

18:54 Autism News: NEXT SUPER STOCK: Nova Mentis Life Sciences (OTC: NMLSF) Billions Opportunity w/ autism psilocybin

25:10 About Carol Kranowitz

27:52 Leigh Merryday Porch - author of the popular autism parenting blog Flappiness

30:44 What was your inspiration for the book?

36:35 Can you tell us a little about the ring that you mention in the book?

40:40 In the book you talk about missing your daughter’s diagnosis, tell us more about that

42:40 For the first time, in this book you talk publicly about the due process process case with the school district you worked for – what was that like? How have you all survived that?

45:05 If you could go back in time, what do you wish you could tell yourself about the journey you have been on.

51:18 What is next for you and your family?

1:00:44 Next week on Autism Live

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