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In this episode of Let's Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, our hosts cover autism news about gender bias, Ukranians with Autism, a kid with autism dropped off 18 miles away from home and a heart warming video involving Post Malone! After that, we start our Autism Family Portrait Segment with the Ed Asner Family Center's very own, Avivah Paskowitz!

0:58 Wyart - Autism

7:58 Autism News: Community Newsletter: Autism training for Black parents, Google’s built-in gender bias

12:10 Autism News: “My Hope for Ukranians with Autism”

17:00 Autism News: Mother demands answers from CMS after son with autism dropped off nearly 18 miles from home

17:12 Autism News: Post Malone wishes fan with Autism happy birthday on his 21st in viral heartwarming video

24:00 Avivah Paskowitz

25:00 how is it living with 3 brothers on the autism spectrum? 26:10 What is it like being the only girl of 5 boys?

26:56 About Camp Ed and what role Avivah plays

29:19 About Avivah's Fun Drawing Class

31:45 Where should they go if they want to know more about 34:10 The Ten Steps To Empowerment

34:46 Accept And Embrace This Challenge

36:22 Get Support

37:11 Don't Compare: Run Your Own Race

38:12 Shore Up Spiritually

38:51 Recognize Your Gifts And Abilities

39:28 Live in Gratitude/Give Back

40:11 State Your Intention

40:53 Trust Your Intuition

41:30 Live In The Now/Love Thyself/Laugh

43:16 Words of Inspiration from Shannon and Nancy

55:05 Next Week On Autism Live

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