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Autism Live

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Dec 9, 2019

Today on Autism Live! Shannon covers Executive Functions for the Jargon of the day before we have our favorite special education attorney back on the show for Your Rights with Bonnie Yates! Lastly Shannon reviews some award winning toys from the Autism Live Gift and Toy guide! Don't miss it! Description of toys below.

Button Button Belly Button™ Mindware®

Peaceable Kingdom does it again! Button, Button, Belly Button™ engages 2-year-olds with a topic that’s familiar and fun – belly buttons! Your little one learns basic concepts such as same and different, color matching, taking turns, body awareness and language skills. Players work to match a rainbow of button cards and Bear’s belly button cards. Be ready to giggle and laugh as you build life-long skills with your child. Includes 1 game board, 21 button cards, 1 button remover, parent guide and instructions.Autism Live says: Button, Button, Belly Button™ is the perfect game to introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of board games. Have fun with the colorful game pieces that are perfect for little hands and growing minds. This game develops counting, matching and turn taking skills.

Crystal Village WePlay®
The WePlay® Crystal Village launches children into construction and engineering ideas with Weplay® newest product for ages 2 years and up. The 6 Tall Houses and the 6 Short Houses make up a brilliantly colored village allowing children to use their unlimited imagination and increase interest in the arts. The House Blocks and the Roof pieces can be played together or separately. From 2D to 3D construction, children’s concept of structure and fine motor skills are enhanced. The concept of angles is introduced through the game play. Tops of the Houses are designed as 30 and 45 degrees while the Roof is 60 and 90 degrees. The translucent houses are in three primary colors. The Crystal Village is a perfect platform for children to learn primary colors and color mixing. The Roof pieces are in orange, green or purple. These are the results of mixing two primary colors. The solid color Roof pieces help children to learn the concept of solid and transparent colors. When playing with light, the hollow shapes on the House Blocks create shadows in different colors. Children can also learn about the relationship between light and shadow throughout the game. The 5 double-sided game cards introduce several mathematical concepts. Children can play the games independently or along with the game cards easily.Autism Live says: This state-of-the-art building toy will launch your little engineer’s imagination with superlative STEM driven play. Unlike other building toys the Crystal Village has no sharp edges, so have fun, play on the floor, build your heart’s desire

Shake & Match Shape Sorter Hape®
Bead-filled blocks add a new dimension of play to this multi-tasking shape sorterAutism Live says: Shape sorters are an essential learning toy. They teach a variety of skills from hand eye coordination, matching, colors, cause and effect, problem solving etc. This well made Shake & Match Shape Sorter from HAPE® is an award winner because of the clever addition of flexible cords that keep shapes in unless you shake. Parents love this design upgrade, for easy clean up and more interactive play!

Walk Along Snail Hape®
This multi-tasking snail totes a shell full of wooden blocks as he tags along behind you. Lighten the load by removing the colorful shape sorter, and he’s ready to roll alone.Autism Live says: The Walk Along Snail does double duty as a great shape sorter with a perfect pull toy. Develop gross and fine motor skills with quality wood toys in eye pleasing colors

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