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Tune it for a special episode of Autism Live! It's almost Christmas time so Autism Live is bringing you a LIVE episode full of toys and gifts that won awards in the Autism Live Toy/Gift guide!

Babu Rocker Mindware®
It’s a rocking rainbow that offers a spectrum of play possibilities! Babu Rocker’s modern twist on toy blocks deliver pure and simple creative play options for kids of all ages. From color sorting, stacking and balancing to creating a doughnut or merry-go-round, this beautiful rainbow puzzle is a tactile, timeless addition to your wooden toys. Each piece is crafted from solid hardwood with a non-toxic, BPA-free, water-based finish. An heirloom-quality rocking rainbow puzzle crafted from solid hardwood with an eco-friendly finish. Babu Rocker inspires hand-eye coordination, gross motor development and an understanding of balance as well as cause and effect. Includes a wooden rocking base, wooden center block and 6 colorful wooden block segments
.Autism Live says: Babu Rocker is a great toy to spark your baby’s imagination and early engineering skills. Blocks, yes, but with a twist, or rather a curve! The learning is endless with this clever toy.


My Little Farm SmartFelt Toys®
Like My Little House, My Little Farm is a multi-sensory, multi-purpose, interactive, reversible 3D playhouse. 32 colorful and matching felt pieces stick to this wonderful, kid-friendly barn and farm environment. There are adorable farm animals, a multi-ethnic family of 4, loads of farm objects and weather concepts like sunny and rainy days. In addition to matching activities, My Little Farm features an area for open-ended creative free play where kiddos can put the pieces wherever they want and create their own stories.
Autism Live says: The long-awaited sequel to the award winning My Little House is finally here! My Little Farm creates a whole new world of interactive play for language learners! Little hands love to play with these soft shapes, matching them to the felt barn, while learning labels for a wide variety of language targets that are fun and relevant. We love so many things about My Little Farm: that it was developed by an experienced Speech and Language Pathologist, that it folds and stores easily, that it grows with the learner, just to name a few!

Glo Pals Liquid Activated Light up Sensory Toys
The Glo Pals were inspired by a child with autism who was terrified of the bath. His mother used the technology behind the Pals to encourage him to overcome his fear and learn to love bath time. His story influenced the development of the Glo Pal characters and our mission to create a product that would engage children in sensory exercises and brighten bath time.
Autism Live says: The super awesome Glo Pals were inspired by a mom who wanted to make bath time more fun for her child on the spectrum. These light up cubes are attention grabbing and addictive. Use them in the bath, pool, or sink to create relaxing sensory fun.

EUREKA CRATE Pinball Kit (subscription kits: cancel anytime) KiwiCo®
KiwiCo® Subscription Kits arrive monthly and feature:ENGINEERING PROJECT: Put science to work and build something amazing.HANDS-ON CREATIVITY: High-quality materials and detailed step-by-step instructions.MAKER’S GUIDE: Explore the science and technology behind the design.DESIGN CHALLENGE: Get inspired and develop creative problem-solving skills.

Autism Live says: KiwiCo® has taken the erector set of old and created one-of-a-kind kits that will ignite the imagination and inspire the inner engineer of your tween or teen. We love the subscription nature of having challenges arrive on a regular basis.

Massive Googly Ball Imperial Toys®
The Massive Googly Ball is the ultimate sensory toy! It’s a ball, but it’s covered with super squishy hair that moves and grooves. Shake it, squeeze, pinch it or toss it, the Massive Googly Ball provides a cornucopia of sensory input!Autism Live says: The Massive Googly Ball is a great sensory toy for almost any age, but we have seen this toy light up adults of all ages and abilities. There is something both comforting and engaging about squeezing and pulling these super awesome toys! Give it a try. You won’t be able to stop!

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