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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

Dec 10, 2021

Our host Shannon Penrod discusses Cognitive Skills for our jargon of the day before reviews some award winning toys from the autism live gift and toy guide! This time our host reviews toys that won the best art/craft award and the best motor play award! Tune check out the autism live gift and toy guide, just go to

6:25 A Conversation about the Autism Live Gift and Toy Guide!

 12:16 Jargon of the Day - Cognitive Skills

14:46 Cognitive Skills - Actual Definition

15:19 Cognitive Skills - Working Definition

23:17 Question of the Day - What kind of thinker are you?

25:07 Topic of the Week - The 5000 Hour Expert

 28:30 Best Arts/Crafts & Best Motor Play Award Toy Reviews

 30:56 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - Baby/Toddler: Color the Ocean Color Magic Bath Book by MudPuppy

33:38 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - PreSchool: The Ultimate Fort Builder by Lakeshore

36:10 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - School-Aged: Craft-tastic® Artist Box by Ann Williams @Ann Williams Group

38:04 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - Teen/Tween: Craft-tastic® All About Me Scratch & Sticker Journal by Ann Williams

 40:44 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - Adult: Craft Crush Paper Bowls Kit by Ann Williams

41:48 Best Art/Craft Toy Winner - Caregiver: Nutcracker Calendar by Masterpieces

44:26 Best Motor Play Award Winner - Baby/Toddler: Baby/Toddler:4-in-1 Kickin’ Tunes Music and Language Discovery Activity Gym by Baby Einstein® @Baby Einstein

45:53 Best Motor Play Award Winner - School-Aged: Wiggle N Giggle by Trunk Works

47:15 Best Motor Play Award Winner - School-Aged: Obstacle Course in a Box by Endless Games

 48:23 Best Motor Play Award Winner - Teen/Tween: Wobble Balance Board by Yes4All

 50:13 Best Motor Play Award Winner - Adults: Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam

51:39 Best Motor Play Award Winner - Caregivers: Spotify® Premium Gift Card from Spotify®

53:56 A Discussion about Speech and Attention

1:01:45 Tomorrow on Let's Talk Autism and Next week on Autism Live