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Autism Live

An interactive web-show and podcast providing support, resources, information, facts, and entertainment.

Oct 12, 2021

In this one our host Shannon covers Behavior Momentum for the jargon of the day before discussing the question of the day with the live viewers! After that, Shannon talks about the topic of the week while taking viewer questions! Then, Shannon starts an "Ask Me Anything" segment and encourages viewers to comment with a question about anything! Get to know our host Shannon Penrod in this special episode of Autism Live!

0:00 Intro

6:10 Jargon of the Day - Behavior Momentum

8:48 Behavior Momentum - Actual Definition 9:41Behavior Momentum - Working Definition

12:28 Question of the Day - What is your favorite Fall Activity

22:23 Autism Live AMA

22:30 "I checked the meaning of the term Echolalia and my son doesn't do that. None understand and its never off. When you ask him a question he repeats back."

38:53 "Is it okay to watch TV alot?" 41:48 "My 6 year old Grandson was tested at school in Arizona last year. They put autism on the report, but he still is not in Special Ed and he has been having meltdowns in class, outbursts and hitting kids."

48:21 "My 4 year old son is having delayed echolalia. My therapist says not to stop him talking. Some special educators tell him to be quiet. Can you suggest what to do?"

56:30 "My kiddo, 10 years old, semi-verbal, he can label and express himself in 3 to 4 word sentences. However, fully functional communication is hard. Could an AAC device help him with verbal language?"

1:02:57 "I was wondering why some children suffering from autism are afraid of faces in films cartoons and real life?"

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