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This time for Temple Grandin Tuesday, Dr. Temple Grandin, author and Autism advocate, joins the host of Autism Live, Shannon Penrod to discuss several autism related topics and answer viewer questions! check it out!

Link to Dr. Temple Grandin's Book "The Outdoor Scientist"

11:13 -  I would love to give my 12 year old a chance to volunteer this summer; I have heard you talk about how

 important that can be, I just don’t know what he can do in a pandemic. Can you give me some ideas?

15:16 - What did your mom do to help you have good self-esteem? and How can we give this to our kids?

15:55 - When you made the clay horse did you make it buy adding clay or sculpting clay?

16:36 - How do you make a digital portfolio? is there a class? a book? a program?

25:09 - What's your favorite place in the world to visit and is there any place that you haven't been that you would like to go?

28:47 - I am 32 years old and do not yet have a diagnosis although my family thinks that I would qualify for an autism diagnosis.

Is there any point in getting a diagnosis at this point?

31:06 - Can you talk about your sensory issues as a child and how you overcame them? and do you still have sensory issues now?

35:12 - what has been the hardest part of the pandemic for you?

37:11 - What does Temple attribute to all of her success?

39:30 - Do you suggest that college students disclose their diagnosis to their college?

40:41 - How did you learn how to drive?

42:08 - if you toe walked do you toe walk now and what do you advise for toe walking?

42:34 - How do you feel about being famous?

44:46 - how did Temples mother tell her about autism and what does she recommend us to tell our kids

46:09 - Did you ever design buildings that didn’t have anything to do with cattle?

47:45 - Are you still in contact with Claire Danes who played you in the movie and how did the movie change your life?

49:48 - Do you stim?

52:10 - Does Temple like to Golf, Swim or Hike? What does Temple Grandin like to do?

1:00:49 - Hi Temple, I'm a 30 years old autistic man. What can I do to find my passion in life? I feel like my life doesn't even make any sense, I'm desperate for finding something to do with my life.

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