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Today on Autism Live: Shannon Penrod talks with Boaz Nelson Santiago about the E4i camp at PicassoEinstein.  This unique camp helps older teens and young adults to discover the power of entrepreneurship.  This year’s E4i camp is the recipient of a Baker Summer Camp Grant from Autism Speaks, which will make it possible for financial support for campers who may not otherwise be able to afford camp.  For more information on PicassoEinstein and their E4i camp visit:   Robyn Schneider talks about her book Silent Running and how both of her sons found their passion in long distance running.  The Schneider family has more than its fair share of adversity…two boys with nonverbal Autism, a Dad with MS, a Mom with breast cancer…but running has helped the entire family and given them a way of coping. Silent Running is available on Amazon :   Shannon Penrod gives an easy was for parents to track challenging behaviors.




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