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It's time for another episode of Autism Live! This time, our host Shannon Penrod explains spontaneous Recovery for the jargon of the day! After that, Shannon is joined by autism advocate, Founder, Board Chair, President & Executive Director ADEC Foundation, Kristin Jacobson! Tune in and check it out!

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11:10 Jargon of the Day – Spontaneous Recovery

14:10 Spontaneous Recovery Actual Definition

16:32 Spontaneous Recovery Working Definition

21:36 Question of the Day – Where do you feel the safest?

27:51 Topic of the Week – Teaching Vs Changing

30:06 Kristin Jacobson – Autism Advocate, Founder, Board Chair, President & Executive Director ADEC Foundation

32:42 Why is this work so important to you?

37:19 “The Playbook” and how it is helping families and how they can access that

43:39 The September 26th Project

48:25 What is the biggest piece of advice that you could give a parent right now

51:47 Have you ever been told that you are fighting everything? Or did you just surround yourself by people who backed you up? 57:39 What’s next for you?

1:02:57 This week on Autism Live Pre-Order the book written by the host of Autism Live, Shannon Penrod!

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