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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answers questions from live viewers about waking up int the middle of the night, Anxiety, Socializing and much more! Check it out! Make sure you get a chance to join us LIVE on Tuesday’s at 10am PT!

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2:55 Does Dr. Doreen see clients overseas over zoom?


5:11 I'm new immigrant with my autistic 9 years son in Florida when I went to register him in autism school, they redirected me to elementary public school. why my son cannot be in that autism school? what steps will be done for him after the individual plan is set? I know there is a class in that elementary public school for autistic student but isn't preferable if he registered in the autism. 

school? please advise? Also, he loves swimming can the school provide him this sport activities


13:26 What would you describe as an autism friendly co-working space?


22:26 my son is often sleeping an hour after taking his meds not always does Guanfacine for ADHD he has combine type and he’s also on desmopressin for a diabetes insipidus would this be something that would cause I’m gonna be tired or is it just because he moved all the time and it’s just a coincidence what are your thoughts?


24:22 My Child Consistently Wakes Up in the Middle of the Night

My child 3yrs old wakes up in the middle of the night. 2am-4:30am. Especially around when there is a full moon. Any suggestions?


27:02 How can I get more speech therapy and OT for my son currently he only gets one 30 min session a week of week. it’s not enough.


27:33 How can I contact Dr Doreen for the zoom consultation?


28:21 Our BCBA at school doesn't specialize in ABA.


36:39 My Teenage son, with ASD and Anxiety, Struggles with Socializing

My 17 year old Asd son, with anxiety, struggles with socializing. He has a learning disability which adds to his struggles in trying to make sense of situations. I'm trying to get him out and about and bit by bit try to build his confidence. Social clubs are really difficult and he doesn't enjoy, he's constantly on edge. People are saying that I should make him go, how do I make him go to a situation that he finds so difficult? what are your thoughts on this?


40:10 My Child Consistently Wakes Up in the Middle of the Night Continued


44:38 My Teenage son, with ASD and Anxiety, Struggles with Socializing Continued


48:35 My son is always agitating and restless, 21year and he has be on Risperdal treatment for 6 years now please what will I do? I want to stop the tablet. advice please.


51:08 My ASD twins are 22 and need to start work programs. They both live in residential facilities. My son’s regional center social worker is on top of it but my daughter’s is lagging even when I call or email her weekly. Should I ask to speak to her supervisor? I don’t want my daughter just sitting at home all day.


52:51 Dr. Doreen I have a question! My Son is 4 years old and has half a day of school (ABA at school, one to one). And then has ABA at home for 5 1/2 hours. This next year the school would give us full day in the fall (Preschool) but I don’t know what would be benefit more full day of school or half school and half home ABA at home? What would you suggest? PS next fall 2023 he’d start kindergarten.


59:45 Coming up on Autism Live this week


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